About Us

Bertoni Fashion is a brand owned by ARCO DESIGN Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Our story began with a love of design. We started our activity as a producer of innovative interior decorations, relying on the competence and experience of designers, artists and specialists from the "home design" industry.
Over time, our interests and passions expanded into areas related to fashion, which led to the creation of the Bertoni Fashion brand. We offer a wide range of linen and felt bags and fashion accessories. We are distinguished by original, unique design, for which a team of artists, enthusiasts of design, is responsible. We are inspired by a constantly changing world with its multicolored cultural diversity.
We eagerly reach for the well-known motifs of European painting, but also those less known from primitive art or folklore. Sometimes a project arises from a fascination with a historic mosaic, the color of a city, and sometimes the silhouette of an old tree ...
We are inspired by the richness and harmony of nature, the shape of the leaves, the structure of the stones, and the color of the flowers. We love animals, wild ones and those that are part of our family. We admire their beauty, they make us laugh and touch us.
You will find all this in our collection.